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[03 Jan 2005|10:54am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

i just got back last night at like 12 so i didnt go to school today. i went to texas and mexico to visit some family. it was pretty fun the first couple of days but then it got pretty repettitive.In texas all i did was play x-box and go to the mall in texas.Mexico pretty much consisted of the same thing we had a couple halo2 sesh's and then we went to my dads ranch and we rode our four wheeler. that was basically the highlight of the whole trip. i went like 50 mph which was awesome.For x-mas i got an iPod ,headphones,and some speakers that connect to my iPod that are portable so that was pretty good.from my uncle i got a best buy gift card and i bought the A thorn for every heart cd.and then that was about it.hope everyone had a Marry Christmas and Happy New Year.so now its back to doing homework.

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[12 Dec 2004|12:33pm]
[ mood | blank ]

I havent used my LJ in quiet a long time so im deciding to do it now.Well school has been going by pertty fast other than having gym first period. i hate it with a passion.but the people in my class are pretty funny like Casey,Mickey,Matt and other people. And yeah my grades are pretty bad like D's mostly and 1 B. I've been doing actually pretty good in math and science so thats good. so just randomly my old friend katie IM's me i was so excited ha.well i havent been talking too much to my old friends and i sort of miss them like katie,jessica and some other people.X-mas is coming up and i dont really think i want a present. Becuase my parents have got me the only thing i wanted. Which was an iPod the other thing i wanted was a cell phone but im not sure if i'll get that. well thats enough for now.

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[18 Aug 2004|04:03pm]
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[18 Aug 2004|10:00am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

The Soundtrack To My Life...

Opening credits: "Where We Breath"-Boys Night Out

Waking up: "Bowl Of Oranges"-Bright Eyes

Wishing for that someone: "Nothing Better"-the postal service

First date: "Worse For The Wear" -the New Amsterdamns

Love scene: "The Reculse" -Cursive

FAlling In Love: "Kind of Perfect"-Armor for Sleep

Fight scene: "Go Wash Your Mouth,I Don't Know Where its been"-Fear before the march of flames

Breaking up: "Promise"-Matchbook Romance

Feeling sorry: "Jordan's 1st choice"-Against Me

Secret love: "Soundtrack For Our Movie"-Mae

Life's okay: "I'm not OKay"-My Chemical Romance

Aggravation: "Understanding in a Car crash"by Thursday

Friendship: "There's no 'I' in team" -Taking back sunday

Driving: "Smile" -Onelinedrawing

Learning a lesson: "Vanus Empty"-Dead Poetic

Deep thought: "You're Having The Time Of My Life"-Jets to brazil

Flashback: "When I'm With You, I'm Ok"-Ultimate fakebook

Partying: "Fire Water Burn" -the Blood Hound gang

Happy dance: "Sadie HAwkins Dance" -Reliant K

Regretting: "No Trivia" -from Autumn to Ashes

Just don't care anymore: "Lover I don't have to love" -Bright Eyes.

Long night alone: "Bands With Managers"-Pedro the Lion

Death scene: "Blood Red Summer"-Coheed and Cambria

Closing credits: "Reinventing your exit"-Underoath

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[10 Aug 2004|12:39pm]
[ mood | good ]

i havent been updating much so i decided to update now for some reason

so yeasterday i went to Scream Fest 04' it was pretty awesome.brian

picked me up and kevin and eric were with him so we went to get something

to eat at Wendys before we went to the show and we met up with rob and matt.

then we headed for the Parrot that is Red and we got lost on the way.and

kevin was yelling Suck Dick out of the window at the top of his lungs to ever

person we passed on the way.then we got their and i met katie for the first

time and i was sorta shy but shes pretty kewl.the show was awesome too even

though the first band wasn't that good.The next one was which was Dead Yellow

Evils they were so rad during one of the songs the guitarist spit in the bassist

face and i thought it was pretty funny.and the singer and guitarist and bassist

were falyling around everywhere and Tom almost got hit in the face by the guitarists

guitar.then at the end the guitarst got mad for some reason,i think it was because

the chord to his amp was messed up or something.and so he smashed his guitar on the

ground and broke its neck.then it was With All My Heart,they were pretty sweet.

nice job guys.during the set this one kid kept asking Eric if he wanted to mosh and

the kid pushed me and i was about to punch him because i thought it was someone

else.Then after it was the Fallen Idols and i thought they were pretty sweet.After

they were on their 2nd song we decided to leave and we went to Taco Bell and on

the way their we almost wrecked because of brian because he was swerving and stuff.

so then when we got to taco bell Eric goes "Remember that one time when you were

swerving on the lane and we almost got killed" to Brian and then Eric goes"Oh Yeah,

well that was 5 min ago"and then after we went to evans house to help drop off the

equitment and things.then i Brian droped me off.so today i woke up at 1 or somethin

and i took a shower and helped my mom make a strawberry bunt cake thing it was

pretty good.then i started playing NFL2K5 which is a really kewl game if you have

$20 you should go buy it.then James and the gang came over to ask if i wanted to

hang out so we went to the Lake to just do something,i dont know what to call it

then brendan came and we just talked for a while about the show and junk.then we

went on the swings and stuff yeah it was the shiz man.then we got bored and went to

MCD'S and we just sat their and made a mess at the table with broke spoons and

other sorts of things,and this one rando black guy who i didnt know keept talking

to us and it wsa sorta funny.then we went to my house and i played Rob at NFL2K5

and i OWNED his ass 48 to 3.and Rob plays on a more difficult level supposibly and

i play on PRO.While i was playing Rob brendan and james and eric went home and

Kevin and Rob stayed so me and rob could finish.well that was about it im calling

it a day im out

PS...Texas owns and georgia definatly does not own at all ,just a little side note
for someone.; )

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[02 Aug 2004|06:00pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]


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[24 Jul 2004|06:40pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

Thug Bear
Thug Bear

Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?
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i bought the new alexisonfire cd and The Ugly Organ by Cursive.

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[12 Jul 2004|11:51am]
[ mood | happy ]

On wednesday i went to niagra falls with my parents,sister,aunt,and grandmal.And

my other Uncel and Aunt followed us. We had to wake up around like 4 in the morning.

i didn't really do anything on the way there.i just read a magazine and liestned to

some music and sleept.then when we got half way there we stoped at a place to eat

and these girls who worked at MC'ds keept looking at me a smiling.they were pretty

cute.so then after that we hit the road again and we got there and it was sort of \

humid out and i had pants on i wanted to rip them off and get some shorts on but i

didnt have any so.we were going to go to canada,but all of my family went except

for me and my mom bc we didnt have our birth cirtificate things.so we stayed in NY

while the rest of the family went to Canada.it was pretty boring Niagra Falls sucks

major ass.we just wound up walking around the city and stuff.wasnt much to do but i

played putt putt with my mom and i owned her in it.then we just sat down on a bench

and i got on AIM on my phone and i talked to Brittney(note i dont know how she

spells her name)and not the AL brittney i wouldnt want to talk to her ewww.and some

other people and then we went to eat at the hard rock cafe and one of the chicks

that served us had 2 x's on her hands and i was wondering if it ment she was

hardcore or sxe.so i sat their wondering for a while and ate my food.by that time it

was like 1 or something.and the rest of the family was coming back from canada so

then they wanted to look at the stuff on the NY side.and that took a while so we

wound up leaving around 4 or something and we got back at 8 i think and i got online

for a while and then i went to bed because i was so tired. if anyone wants to see

Anchorman today leave one or send me a message..im out

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[27 Jun 2004|09:45am]
[ mood | impressed ]

hmmm...i didnt do anything yet just packing

some stuff to move to our new house we should

be moving in sometime soon.but right now im

watching joe dirt or liestening to some music

or just a little bit of both. i think i might

go to best buy today or hot topic to get either

some shirts or cds the cds i want are

Onelinedrawing,The Hurt Process,From First To

Last,Hawthorne Heights,A Thorn For Every Heart,

and some other ones i cant think of right now

im out

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[21 Jun 2004|09:24am]
[ mood | calm ]

yesterday matt came over and we decided to go outside and ride.

so matt said he wanted to go to amandas so we went.and on the way

there we saw jill drive by,and i rememberd that ambers away had

said out with jill,so amber was home now.then we just went to

amandas and we sat on the front porch and talked about things

nothing really important just random stuff.so then after that me

and matt headed to ambers but i didnt know where she lived but

matt said he did but we wound up going to the wrong house so

we just went to convienent and i gatorade and some stuff and

then matt stole some candy and he got some milk and some cookie

and the cookies sucked so bad it tasted like a protein bar or

something but it was nasty.so then we just went to my house and

by the time we got there matt had to go back home bc he had to

go to the pool bc he's a lifeguard.so then later on that night

matt came back over and we watched some of the props video and we

went outside and we found my airsoft guns and we just put up things

to shoot at but matt would always go up close and shoot it.so then

my sister came home and she backed into the drive way and then

she backed out and she hit the person who lives in front of us

lexus.and there was a huge ass dent in the car at first she wasnt

going to tell the lady because there wasnt any paint from our car

hers or on ours.but then she did.then me and matt went inside and

started watching CKY 4 it was pretty funny then half way through

he had to leave so that was about it for me.

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[19 Jun 2004|06:29pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

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[18 Jun 2004|11:10am]
[ mood | curious ]

i think im going to go see dodgeball the Moive today

with matt,and tim. and im thinking about asking brian

and brendan if they want to go see it to.i rented some

movies last night and games.i picked out some random

movie called Melivn goes to dinner and it looks like

a good movie and its an independent film sort of thing

but i havent seen it yet so im going to go watch it.

and i got the family guy box set those are halarious

or however you spell it.to bad i dont have my "mom"

to spell check my entry.i dont think anyones going to get

that except for the person that knows what im talking

about anyway.earlier today i was messing around with my

accoustic guitar and its out of tune so i tried tuning it

and i got the closest i could becuase on of the things to

tighten the sring is broken.i tried playing memory by

sugarcult i got some of it like half and im going to work

on the other half later on.

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[14 Jun 2004|05:40pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

i didnt really do much today i went to the mall. at first

i went to FYE to see if they had the Fear Before The March

Of Flames CD,or Hawthorne Heights. but they didnt have either

so i went to hot topic and they didnt have any of them either

so i bought Punk Goes Accoustic and i got the Ferret Music

Comp. and thats about it.and i have no idea if im still

going to the MCR show and i dont have a ride yet.so yeah

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[09 Jun 2004|11:12pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

so today i was liestening to some My Chemical Romance on the

way to the Hard Rock Cafe, and i was looking out the window

thinking about random things and the thing that came up

was girls.specifically the girls i think are pretty at our

school and i guess its not that many.all of them are blonde

and i dont really like blondes.so i could only think of 4

girls that are pretty/kewl and that would be dani,amber,megan,and

this one chick mike knows i have no idea how she spells her name

but its summer i think.i saw her at fridays today after we got

done eating with the fam. i dont know today was a short entry

didnt really have much to say just things.

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[09 Jun 2004|08:11am]
so after we went to red lobsters to eat me and my

sister left in a different car.Then me and my

sister went to our house to pick something up

then we went to our new house that is almost

done.then my sister left and she went who knows

where.so then me and the fam. went to midway mall

and i ventured off to Best Buy of course.and i

found some cd's but i only bought 2 of the 3 bc

i was short on cash.i bought the new My Chemical

Romance cd and its pretty sweet it was only $12.

then i got the Vans Warped Tour 04' comp, and

that cd was only $4 so it was a pretty good deal

it had some bands that i had wanting to liesten to

so that was a + too. well then after that we went

to go eat at red robin and my cousin goes "wheres

the bathroom?" and i said "its where it says rest-

rooms at" and my uncle just starts laughing haha

i dont really think it was funny it was just sort

of a stupid response so thats why he was laughing

or i dont know why but anyway then we came home.
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[08 Jun 2004|11:20am]
[ mood | busy ]

so yesterday my grandparents got here from TX and so did my

uncel steve and his son. they got here at about 8 or so.we

didnt really do anything just watch some tv , you know the

usuall.and i went into to room and read a book that i had bought

a while ago. Kurt Cobains Journal and it was pretty good im

only on page 110 of i think 300 pages or more. most of it is

stories and song lyrics and drawings it interesting.the part

i got to last night was talking about how he wrote a paper saying

what he though punk was. and he says "im my deffinition punk is

freedom' and various other things. thats about it for yesterday.

so today i woke up around 10 and ate an instant breakfast.its

a mlike shake for those of you who didnt know and then i just

watched some chapelles show with my counsin and we went to go

eat lunch at Red Lobster and now i dont know where im going

but im going so later.

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[07 Jun 2004|07:49am]
[ mood | devious ]

Last saturday i went to columbus to go to my counsins graduation

party i would have hated to watch the whole creamony thing.so

when we got there i just looked for my cousin and we chilled

in the basement and played some x-box,luckly he had a guitar so

i messed around with it and tried to remember some tabs but i

couldnt.so then we watched Best Of Props 02' and we didnt wind

up leaving my uncles house until like 2 in the morning or later

then on sunday we got up and we went to go get something to eat

at Bob Evans it was pretty good.then we went to some soccer

store to buy some stuff for my sister.Then we went twards my aunts

who's house we were staying at and we stoped at Tuttle Mall

and i went to hot topic. the store there sucks so bad they dont

even have CDS and i was looking forward to maybe getting A Thorn

For Every Heart's cd.but i was out of luck they only had one

good shirt but i didnt but it because i didnt have enough money.

the shirt was Death Cab For Cutie and it had a graphic of an

air plane from the top and it said Transatlatism on the bottom.

then i went to FYE and i looked for some cds.They actually had

some good cds so it was pretty kewl.my little cousin was with

me and they have liestening stations and i would tell him

to come over to where i was and liesten and i would turn the

volume up really loud. i dont think he cared..haha he was just

saying turn it up, turn them shits up. it was so funny some

people beside us were trying not to laugh but they did.so

i found The Faint's cd i think i got the old one i wasn't

sure which one was the new one but its called "Media" and

i was looking for My Chemical Romance but they didnt have it

and i asked the guy he said to come back next Tuesday fuck

that shit son. so then my mom came and i bought the cd and then

we left to my aunts house to get our stuff and we headed home.

that was about all that happened.and on the way home we watched

Training Day.

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[02 Jun 2004|06:27pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

well i bought Euro Trip the other day and i didnt get to

watch it till today because our mini dvd player wouldnt

play the movie.so matt,mike,and tim came over then mike left

so we decided to watch Euro Trip,it was really funny.in the

beginning the main character Scott was graduating and his

gf breaks up with him while his mom video tapes it and his

dad gives him a noogie and takes pictures.then after that

they go to a graduation party and this band plays and i think

the lead singer was matt damon the song that they played was

scotty doesnt know and it was about his ex fiona.and then there

is this other part where they go to some german girls house and

her stepbrother who is like 3 years old or something plays with

some markers and puts a fake mustache and it looks like hitlers

mustace and the kid starts marching around like hitler in the

background. well if you havent seeen it then deffinatly buy it

or if your short on cash just rent it.

[PS. dont ever order anything from Smart Punk, they take forever

to send there stuff]

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[28 May 2004|07:46pm]

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[27 May 2004|12:12pm]
[ mood | amused ]

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Friday is going to own.
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